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Dermatude Meta Therapy

Ok, after researching this, the first thing I did was book myself in! I’m talking about the Dermatude Meta Therapy facial treatment.

Dermatude claims that this procedure is the alternative to a face-lift and most of us want that easier, faster and more affordable option, don’t we?

This treatment is great for anti-aging, rejuvenation, hydration and restoration.

So what exactly is Dermatude Meta Therapy?

Meta Therapy works on opening up the skin barrier for short-term intervals with microscopically tiny needles. Because of this action the skin then shifts its natural repair mechanism into high gear and starts producing collagen and elastin. These are two key ingredients for younger, fresher-looking skin. Meta Therapy has a double active function; to activate the natural regeneration of the skin, and the implementation of highly concentrated ingredients in the layer of the skin where they can be most effective.

It basically triggers the self-repairing properties of the skin, working from the inside out. They recommend, for best results, you have between 6 – 8 treatments, spaced a week or so apart.

So, the actual experience… Well, firstly, I hate needles. Hate them. More than the average person, I’m sure! I knew the idea behind the procedure… microscopically tiny needles… but until they started I didn’t actually connect to the fact that I’d be laying there having dozens of needles poking into my face. I have to say; at first, I was a little uncomfortable. However, with help from my beautiful practitioner performing this procedure on me, I started to relax and after the initial shock, it really wasn’t so bad! The whole procedure lasted about 40 minutes. I was a little apprehensive looking into the mirror afterward, wondering what I’d see after my skin being “invaded” as it was!! I was needlessly worried, because I was thrilled with what I saw, just a little bit of redness, not too much, and I was able to go straight back to work without any foundation to cover up at all.

After just one treatment my skin felt absolutely amazing. It felt plump, juicy, and refreshed. I couldn’t believe it, it felt so smooth and the fine lines around my eyes were definitely reduced. Instant satisfaction! I was so wonderfully surprised and realized that everything I’d read and come across in my research was true. I was hooked. I’m looking forward to my next treatment and the one after that. For a needle-phobic that is definitely saying something.