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How permanent hair removal works

Let’s talk about it. Laser hair removal. I’ve gotten a plethora of questions about whether or not I’ve tried laser hair removal. Followed by, “Does it hurt?” and “Does it actually work?” Now, keep in mind everyone’s experience will vary, and this post will be based off my own treatments. So let’s get to it.

Yes, I have had laser hair removal treatments on 3 body parts; Brazilian, underarms, and face. Does it hurt? In my opinion…hell, yes. I have mentioned in prior posts that my pain tolerance is very low, so the pain level (for me) is pretty high, regardless of the area being treated. I used a numbing cream (recommended to me) for all of my treatments and I’ll talk about that a little later.

Now what does it feel like? Well, even though I was numbed, I could still feel the sensation in certain areas. It feels like a snapping rubber band with some heat added to it. Sometimes it would feel a hot needle piercing my skin for a quick second. But in my opinion, it was the longest second of my life. Props to those that can tolerate it without numbing. I don’t know how it’s possible! If you know your pain tolerance is low, inquire about numbing cream with your specialist.